Shari’s Picks for June!

Do you sometimes struggle selecting a wine?  My cousin Lucy lives in France. On a recent visit, she asked if I could give her some tips to help her order wine in a restaurant. She explained she loved red wine and admitted she found some reds much more enjoyable than […]

Shari’s Picks for May!

Recently, I was asked to recommend a red wine to pair with popular BBQ foods. Although the flavours of burgers, steak, sausages, chicken, grilled corn and ribs are completely different, the wine selection doesn’t need to be. My ideal choice is Pinot Noir, the quintessentially versatile red wine to enjoy […]

Shari’s Picks for April.

We look forward to April in our house. Spring has finally arrived! The days are longer. The skies are brighter. Our youngest daughter was born in April. We have happy memories of her annual birthday parties. Easter is around the corner. I will not be hosting Easter this year. Instead, […]

Shari’s Picks for March!

Last month I escaped our grey skies and travelled to sunny Thailand. The divergent scenery and culture between the north and the south is fascinating. Bangkok, the capital, with over 22 million visitors a year, is one of the most visited cities in the world. Thanks to its friendly people, […]