Author: Shari Mogk-Edwards

Wine Picks

Shari’s Picks® for May!

The blooming flowers and tree leaves bursting open signal a shift toward more rosé, sparkling, and light red wines. Rosé wines are enjoyed chilled, making them popular in warmer months. Rosés are lighter in colour than red wines because they spend less time in contact with red grape skins during the fermentation […]

Wine Picks

Shari’s Picks® for April!

April brings the transition to spring! Finally. This also means a shift from the robust, heavy, and rich red and white wines of the winter months to those that complement the new warmer season. As we move toward lighter, fresher, and more vibrant wines, this is the time of year […]

Wine Picks

Shari’s Picks® for February. ❤️

Valentine’s Day is approaching, so why not embrace the occasion with sparkling elegance? Whether a cozy night in, a romantic dinner or perhaps a Galantine’s get-together, I have five selections of rosé effervescent fun for you to consider!  What is more romantic than the boundless love between Romeo and Juliet? […]