Shari’s Picks® for September!

What a difference a week can make. Last month, I had an idyllic visit to Kelowna, British Columbia. Situated on the beach-laden shores of beautiful Lake Okanagan and surrounded by three mountain ranges, the landscape is spectacular. It is no wonder Kelowna is the fastest-growing city in Canada! I drove […]

Shari’s Picks® for August!

Thankfully, we continue to enjoy the warm weather. The penultimate summer long weekend in August is quickly approaching. To ensure I savour this experience, I will be splurging on my wine choices! The Civic holiday weekend is a perfect time to spend with family and friends. Whether you plan to […]

Shari’s Picks® for July!

I have a renewed passion for wines from South Africa.  Last month I visited Africa for three weeks. I had the pleasure of exploring Namibia, Zimbabwe and Botswana. It was awe-inspiring! Watching the wildlife, seeing the diverse scenery and meeting the fascinating people was an extraordinary experience. No matter where […]

Shari’s Picks® for June!

Do you sometimes struggle selecting a wine?  My cousin Lucy lives in France. On a recent visit, she asked if I could give her some tips to help her order wine in a restaurant. She explained she loved red wine and admitted she found some reds much more enjoyable than […]