Shari’s Pick. The Devil is in the Cellar!

As Halloween approaches, there is a wine that comes to my mind.  It is a global wine brand from Chile, available in over 135 countries, that consistently over-delivers for value. The brand is called Casillero del Diablo. The simple translation means the Devil lives in the cellar. According to the winery, […]

Cheers to Thanksgiving 2020!

As we enter the second wave of the pandemic, Thanksgiving 2020 will be unconventional. To enhance our Thanksgiving experience this year, I thought it would be entertaining to travel with our wine glasses. I selected a sparkling, a white, a rosé, a red and a delicious dessert wine to try. […]

Off the Beaten Track!

Georgian Hills Vineyards. We are lucky to have over a hundred and fifty local wineries in Ontario. A couple of weeks ago, I accepted an invitation and headed towards Collingwood, to discover a winery I hadn’t been to before. I was on my way to visit Georgian Hills Vineyards and […]