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Karen Kuwahara

On April 24, I had the pleasure of meeting with Karen Kuwahara. Karen shared her unique corporate journey where she finished her career as the President of Nestlé Purina, Canada. We met for lunch at Sip Wine Bar on Yonge and Broadway and chatted over a delicious bottle of Gavi 2017, by Bersano. We both enjoy Gavi. It is a […]


Jennifer Ratcliffe-Wright

On March 22, I had the pleasure of meeting with Jenny Ratcliffe-Wright at Ricarda’s in Oakville. Jenny’s experience and accomplishments in the wine industry are impressive. She qualified as the youngest Cape Wine Master ever and she was Managing Editor for WineStyle Magazine in South Africa.  Additionally, Jenny was an […]


Marilyn Field, M.S.M., Founder and Former President of DAREarts and General Partner, Windrush Estate Winery, Hockley Valley

Recently, I had the pleasure of a remarkable conversation with Marilyn Field, the Creator and brainchild of DAREarts at the breathtaking, new Windrush Estate Winery which she owns with her husband and son in Hockley Valley. Marilyn built a charitable organization from scratch to provide underprivileged children with hope. For […]