Author: Shari Mogk-Edwards

Spirits Picks

Niagara Falls Craft Vodka

I really love authentic brands and especially when they are Canadian. Niagara Falls Craft Distillers fits that bill. It is a hand crafted, small batch distillery in Niagara Falls that was the brainchild of two friends a couple of years ago. It is the first distillery to be built there […]


Jennifer Ratcliffe-Wright

On March 22, I had the pleasure of meeting with Jenny Ratcliffe-Wright at Ricarda’s in Oakville. Jenny’s experience and accomplishments in the wine industry are impressive. She qualified as the youngest Cape Wine Master ever and she was Managing Editor for WineStyle Magazine in South Africa.  Additionally, Jenny was an […]

Spirits Picks

Wells Bombardier Ale

Just like Brexit all over the news, today’s weekend cheer reminds me of the UK, rainy days like today and the charming, traditional English Pubs. Wells Bombardier is an English Strong Bitter Ale brewed by Wells & Young’s Ltd. in Bedford, England. This beer is a very straight forward, well made […]