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Spirits Picks

Wells Bombardier Ale

Just like Brexit all over the news, today’s weekend cheer reminds me of the UK, rainy days like today and the charming, traditional English Pubs. Wells Bombardier is an English Strong Bitter Ale brewed by Wells & Young’s Ltd. in Bedford, England. This beer is a very straight forward, well made […]

Spirits Picks

Sipsmith London Dry Gin

This weekend cheer will kickstart spring with a refreshing wonderland of botanical tastes. Sipsmith London Dry Gin blends tradition with a modern twist in the city where Gin began. Ten years ago, two friends began the first traditional copper distillery in 2009. London, England. This was the first of its […]

Spirits Picks

Smithwick’s Irish Red Ale

Smithwick’s is the most well known Irish Red Ale. The original Smithwick’s brewery began in Kilkenny in 1710 and although it was closed in 2013, sections are open in their visitor center. Now brewed in Dublin, Smithwick’s Red Ale, is a light and perhaps, under appreciated, style of ale. Smithwick’s Ale | 500 […]