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Sipsmith London Dry Gin

This weekend cheer will kickstart spring with a refreshing wonderland of botanical tastes.
Sipsmith London Dry Gin blends tradition with a modern twist in the city where Gin began.
Ten years ago, two friends began the first traditional copper distillery in 2009. London, England. This was the first of its kind in 200 years. Their vision was to create a premium hand crafted London Dry Gin and produce in small batches.
Sipsmith copper pot still

Sipsmith contains ten botanicals from around the world: Macedonian juniper berries; Bulgarian coriander seed; French angelica root; Spanish liquorice root; Italian orris root; Spanish ground almond;  Chinese cassia bark; Madagascan cinnamon and Spanish lemon and orange peel. These are macerated overnight, distilled and blended with spring water.

Sipsmith London Dry Gin | 750 mL | Alc/Vol 41.6% |
This award winning craft Gin sets the bar high for quality. I love the forward, fresh and clean aroma and its complex, rich and balanced botanical flavours. This will make a fabulous martini, or mix with ice and a premium tonic. I enjoy Sipsmith London Dry with soda and a twist of lime.
A great match with spicy foods!
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In 2016, Sipsmith was sold to Beam Suntory for £50 million.

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