Shari’s Easter Picks 2022

Easter and family gatherings are synonymous! Selecting, preparing and serving food can be challenging enough. I will help by selecting five readily available, dry wines that should pair well with most typical Easter meals. There is a bonus! All have a small discount until April 24. First up is a […]

Shari’s Picks for March!

Did you know there are wine days every month of the year? Wine days are a thing. International Riesling Day is on March 13. The Wines of Germany has declared this day as the official birthday for Riesling. According to a cellar log, the earliest recorded sale occurred March 13, […]

Shari’s Picks for Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day provides an annual opportunity to celebrate, after enduring the depths of winter! For some of my friends, that means an evening out, flowers, perfume, chocolate or jewellery. In my house, it is wine. As much as I enjoy eating out, I will celebrate at home this year. I […]

Shari’s Dry Picks for January.

With the busy holiday season behind us, January gives us an opportunity to reflect and set goals for the New Year. As a result, many will moderate or slow their wine consumption habits this month. Others will look for healthier options. Any many will be taking a look at their […]