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Georgian Bay Gin Smash

I remember when we launched Georgian Bay Gin Smash, at LCBO in the spring of 2016. The brain child of three friends, I found this ready-to-drink gin cocktail different from many others. It was refreshing and not too sweet. I loved the citrus flavours with a kiss of mint and the design of the package stood out. The fact it was made in Ontario and referenced our very own Georgian Bay on Lake Huron, was an added bonus!

This quickly became a customer favourite and extra flavours, including a Vodka Smash, Cranberry Gin Smash and a Smashed Ice Tea were introduced.

Still my favourite of the group, Georgian Bay Gin Smash is best served over ice.

Georgian Bay Gin Smash | 473 mL can | alc/vol 5% | +447540 | $2.95
Save! $2.80 until May 26, 2019

Each 473 can contains natural flavours, 21 grams of cane sugar, which is about half the sugar in a similar sized of soft drink, contains 230 calories and is clear.

This is also now available in a 6 pack of 355ml cans for $13.95 +560888

Have a great l o n g weekend!



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