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Masi Campofiorin 50th Anniversary Rossi del Veronese 2014 IGT

This is the 50th anniversary blend of Campofiorin. From northern Italy, this style of wine originated from the famous Masi family in 1964 and led to a popular new style of wines from the Veneto region known as Appassimento. This dry red is a blend of three local grapes: CorvinaRondinella and Molinara. After the wine is made, it is re-fermented with a small percentage of the same, semi-dried, grapes of the same varieties. This leads to intense colours and dry, smooth, rich flavours of cherries and spice.
Serve with rich Italian pasta dishes, grilled meats and mature cheeses.
Makes an interesting gift for a fiftieth!

Masi Campofiorin IGT | 750 mL | LCBO +155051 | 4g/L sugar | $21.95

Cin cin!

Shari 🥂

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