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Henry of Pelham Family Estate Baco Noir

You can feel the slight chill in the air and see the leaves just beginning to turn. It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving is upon us once again. It’s one of my favourite holidays because of the way it brings together friends and family as they celebrate the robust bounty of our land. And, needless to say, one of the best byproducts of that bounty is wine and the joy we get in pairing it with feasts made with love.

Over this weekend, many of you will be serving turkey, ham, roast beef and your favourite vegetarian dishes.

During a recent (and fabulous) visit to Henry of Pelham Winery in Niagara, I re-tasted the Speck Family Reserve Baco Noir 2016. This rich varietal is a hybrid – a cross between a grape variety from North America and Europe), and Pelham has become famous for this particular blend. All to say this delicious, unique local wine is versatile enough to complement whatever dishes you choose to serve.

Henry of Pelham Winery in Niagara, Speck Family Reserve Baco Noir 2016 |750 mL | +461699 | sugar 13 g/L | $24.95

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